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Pressing-out pits tools

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The content of this publication is subject to copyright of JSC TD ENERPRED and cannot be reproduced (even in part) without appropriate permission. JSC TD "ENERPRED" reserves the right to make any changes to the design and characteristics of the tool offered in this catalog without prior notice. Instrument specifications, including weight, dimensions and other parameters, may vary slightly.

Model Capacity t Stroke mm Dimensionsmm (BxLxH) Weight kg Recommended pump
VSH35 35,8 50 172×770×300 42 NRG-7004А
Capacity t Stroke mm Dimensionsmm (BxLxH) Weight kg
35,8 50 172×770×300 42
Recommended pump
Model VSH35 Capacity t 35,8 Stroke mm 50 Dimensionsmm (BxLxH) 172×770×300 Weight kg 42 Recommended pump NRG-7004А
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In the world of technological solutions for workshops and production plants, there is a sought-after piece of equipment that a professional in the field cannot fail to know about. This is the outstanding kingpin extractor 35, which provides an efficient and reliable solution for kingpin removal operations. Our 30 years of technology combined with innovative functional features make it the ideal choice for craftsmen who strive for outstanding results.

Equipment Description:

1.Model: 35 Pins Extruder Our outstanding 35 Series Extruders establish their reputation as reliable kingpin removal tools, providing professionals with the perfect combination of power and precision.

2.Force, tons: 35.8 With a maximum force of 35.8 tons, our precision Extractors make it easy to complete the most demanding tasks while maintaining high quality standards.

3.Stroke, mm: 50 Our equipment provides maximum reach for efficient removal of various kingpin sizes.

4.Dimensions, mm (W x L x H): 172.0 x 770 x 300 With compact dimensions of 172.0 x 770 x 300 mm, our Extractors provide ease of use in a variety of conditions and locations.

5.Weight, kg: 42 With an incredibly light weight of 42 kg, our equipment offers the perfect balance of mobility and power.

6.Recommended Pump: NRG-7004A For optimum performance of our extruders, we recommend the use of the high-efficiency NRG-7004A pump, ensuring reliable operation for a long time.

Buy our innovative kingpin extruders and experience the reliability and professionalism that only the best equipment provides.

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