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Press for pressing-out of railroad engine pivot bushings

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The content of this publication is subject to copyright of JSC TD ENERPRED and cannot be reproduced (even in part) without appropriate permission. JSC TD "ENERPRED" reserves the right to make any changes to the design and characteristics of the tool offered in this catalog without prior notice. Instrument specifications, including weight, dimensions and other parameters, may vary slightly.

Model Capacity t Strokemm Working space dimensions max/minmm Dimensionsmm Overall dimensionskg Recommended pump
PVL50G500 56 500 1295×800/315×800 1000×1501×1985 542 NRG-7080R
Capacity t Strokemm Working space dimensions max/minmm Dimensionsmm
56 500 1295×800/315×800 1000×1501×1985
Overall dimensionskg Recommended pump
542 NRG-7080R
Model PVL50G500 Capacity t 56 Strokemm 500 Working space dimensions max/minmm 1295×800/315×800 Dimensionsmm 1000×1501×1985 Overall dimensionskg 542 Recommended pump NRG-7080R

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Press is designed for pressing-out and pressing-in of railroad engine pivot bushings and other types of works.

Accessories may be produced according to individual parameters of the Customer.

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