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Rail lifting jacks

Key characteristics:
Serie: DJ..,DJA...
Сapacity: 12-30 t
Presure: 520-600 bar
Development according to your specifications
Important information

The content of this publication is subject to copyright of JSC TD ENERPRED and cannot be reproduced (even in part) without appropriate permission. JSC TD "ENERPRED" reserves the right to make any changes to the design and characteristics of the tool offered in this catalog without prior notice. Instrument specifications, including weight, dimensions and other parameters, may vary slightly.

Model Сapacity t Stroke mm Min. height h1 mm Presure bar Working oil capacity cm3 Dimensionsmm Weight kg
DJA12P160 12 160 70,5 600 314 180×940×339 20,1
DJA15P200 15 200 72 520 565 180×952×391 25
DJA20P160 20 160 73 630 499 180×952×367 26
DJA20M300 20 300 70 630 930 180×1195×540 32,9
DJ30P300 30,7 300 72 600 1500 180×444×440 49
Сapacity t Stroke mm Min. height h1 mm Presure bar
12 160 70,5 600
15 200 72 520
20 160 73 630
20 300 70 630
30,7 300 72 600
Working oil capacity cm3 Dimensionsmm Weight kg
314 180×940×339 20,1
565 180×952×391 25
499 180×952×367 26
930 180×1195×540 32,9
1500 180×444×440 49
Model DJA12P160 Сapacity t 12 Stroke mm 160 Min. height h1 mm 70,5 Presure bar 600 Working oil capacity cm3 314 Dimensionsmm 180×940×339 Weight kg 20,1
Model DJA15P200 Сapacity t 15 Stroke mm 200 Min. height h1 mm 72 Presure bar 520 Working oil capacity cm3 565 Dimensionsmm 180×952×391 Weight kg 25
Model DJA20P160 Сapacity t 20 Stroke mm 160 Min. height h1 mm 73 Presure bar 630 Working oil capacity cm3 499 Dimensionsmm 180×952×367 Weight kg 26
Model DJA20M300 Сapacity t 20 Stroke mm 300 Min. height h1 mm 70 Presure bar 630 Working oil capacity cm3 930 Dimensionsmm 180×1195×540 Weight kg 32,9
Model DJ30P300 Сapacity t 30,7 Stroke mm 300 Min. height h1 mm 72 Presure bar 600 Working oil capacity cm3 1500 Dimensionsmm 180×444×440 Weight kg 49

Models of hydraulic traveling jacks of the JA series have a built-in drive;

Models with a lifting capacity of 20 tf can be used for work on tracks with reinforced concrete sleepers, as well as for lifting rolling stock and other objects.

The recommended pump for the track jack J30P300 - NRG-7020.

Jacks of the JA ... P ... series with the handle removed are in the "C" dimension, which makes it possible not to remove it when the rolling stock passes (when the rolling stock passes, the jack must be unloaded so that the rod returns to its original position)


Wide operating temperature range - from -55 ° С to + 45 ° С;
Low height of the jacks 15-20 tf - are in the "C" dimension;
Jacks of the JA20M300 and J30P300 models raise the rail and sleep grid in one cycle during the overhaul of the turnouts, due to the optimal stroke of the rod - 300 mm;
The speed of work with Enerpred track jacks is 6-7 times higher than the speed of work with similar devices (lifting the switch for 3-4 minutes versus 25 minutes with the help of other jacks with reinstallation of equipment).

If the model you need is not in our catalog, you can order it according to individual parameters.

You can buy a hydraulic track jack in # VREGION_WHERE # in our company at an affordable price. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with our catalog, where equipment for various purposes is presented. For questions related to the purchase of equipment, you can call the contact phone number.

Manual hydraulic pumps for equipment with hydraulic retrection

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Provide safe and rapid uplift of the track panels and turnouts for the average and major repairs as well as current maintenance of railway track.

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