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Mechanical steel jacks

Key characteristics:
Серия: ДР...
Грузоподъемность: от 3 до 20 тонн
Development according to your specifications
Important information

The content of this publication is subject to copyright of JSC TD ENERPRED and cannot be reproduced (even in part) without appropriate permission. JSC TD "ENERPRED" reserves the right to make any changes to the design and characteristics of the tool offered in this catalog without prior notice. Instrument specifications, including weight, dimensions and other parameters, may vary slightly.

Model Lifting capacity saddle/claw t Высота подхвата h мм Lifting height mm Dimensionsmm Weight kg
DR-3 3/2,1 60 355 130×140×720 20
DR-5 5/3,5 80 345 150×170×740 28
DR-10 10/7 85 390 150×170×800 46
DR-16 16/11,2 160 320 155×180×900 65
DR-20 20/14 100 340 240×260×860 95
Lifting capacity saddle/claw t Высота подхвата h мм Lifting height mm Dimensionsmm
3/2,1 60 355 130×140×720
5/3,5 80 345 150×170×740
10/7 85 390 150×170×800
16/11,2 160 320 155×180×900
20/14 100 340 240×260×860
Weight kg
Model DR-3 Lifting capacity saddle/claw t 3/2,1 Высота подхвата h мм 60 Lifting height mm 355 Dimensionsmm 130×140×720 Weight kg 20
Model DR-5 Lifting capacity saddle/claw t 5/3,5 Высота подхвата h мм 80 Lifting height mm 345 Dimensionsmm 150×170×740 Weight kg 28
Model DR-10 Lifting capacity saddle/claw t 10/7 Высота подхвата h мм 85 Lifting height mm 390 Dimensionsmm 150×170×800 Weight kg 46
Model DR-16 Lifting capacity saddle/claw t 16/11,2 Высота подхвата h мм 160 Lifting height mm 320 Dimensionsmm 155×180×900 Weight kg 65
Model DR-20 Lifting capacity saddle/claw t 20/14 Высота подхвата h мм 100 Lifting height mm 340 Dimensionsmm 240×260×860 Weight kg 95
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Rack jack DR is used for lifting various loads:

When installing and aligning heavy equipment
Machine tools
When carrying out repairs and maintenance of cars
and other tasks

The mechanical principle of this equipment provides a reliable and safe ratchet mechanism that reliably fixes loads during and after lifting.

The DR jack can lift a load using an upper support with a corrugated surface or a low pickup - in this way, it is possible to lift loads that have only a small gap. The metal casing reliably protects the elements of the ratchet mechanism from water, dirt and dust, ensuring the durability of the entire structure of the equipment.

These rack and pinion devices differ in weight, size, lifting capacity and other technical characteristics.

You can order a model with your parameters, if a suitable one is not in our catalog.

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